Disruptive water treatment solutions

Water is essential for life, for a functioning society, and for the existence of businesses and industries, yet this basic resource – that should be available to everyone – is now in short supply in many areas around the world.

EnviroNor provides offshore desalination and wastewater treatment plants to efficiently deliver clean and fresh water – on demand, everywhere it is needed.

Clean water is fundamentally imperative because:

  • it saves lives

  • it saves the economy

  • it saves businesses and industry both globally and locally

The benefits of our solution are:

  • it is more eco-friendly than other alternatives

  • it is more cost efficient than land-based plants

  • it is more flexible than land-based plants

  • shorter delivery time than land-based plants

Why you should implement the EnviroNor Concept

While the world is facing an increasing need for fresh water – for industrial as well as human reasons – our rivers, lakes, and oceans are being polluted by untreated wastewater being discharged from various industries. Our understanding of the challenges unique to water rehabilitation and its related industries has resulted in the EnviroNor concept – based on proven technologies from the maritime, oil and gas, and water and sanitation process industries.

As eco-friendly and disruptive innovation is the key to sustainability, it is urgent we start using and reusing the sources at hand, implementing new and cost-effective solutions to protect the environment and humans and animals in their local communities. We can achieve this by treating and reusing wastewater and purifying and desalinating river water and seawater.

Our concept includes four offshore treatment plant designs for wastewater treatment
and desalination, which:

  • significantly extends the life of phased-out ships and vessels

  • clean and recycle sewage and wastewater

  • provide purified and desalinated drinking water

  • produce new products from waste, such as organic fertilizer and methane gas

The situation is urgent!

Population growth, increased urbanization and industrialization, increased standards of living, and/or lack of resources and space contribute to the world’s water challenges, and areas struck by natural disasters are especially hard-hit. Consequently, providing clean drinking water and safely treating wastewater are pressing issues in many parts of the world – both urban, industrial and rural.

However, faced with these problems certain environmental challenges arise: While reusing ships and vessels is common in the oil, gas, and LNG industries, vessels are often phased out prematurely as they are still in good condition and should be reused for
other purposes.

About Environor

The main purpose of EnviroNor is to provide “Water On Demand” through seawater desalination, wastewater treatment, and water purification. For this application we repurpose vessels and adjust the vessel for the project (e.g. product tankers, barges, and platform supply vessels)

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