About EnviroNor

About Environor

Sigmund Larsen, EnviroNor Founder and CEO.

Members of the Board:

  • Ingar Skaug (Chairman)
  • Arild B Iversen
  • Sigmund Larsen
  • Michael A Larsen

EnviroNor is an environmental company, founded in March 2011 by Sigmund Larsen. Sigmund is an entrepreneur and a business and shipping executive from Norway, with over 30 years of maritime industry experience. His track record includes senior-level positions with several ship-owning companies, and he also holds a Master of Management degree from the BI Executive School at the Norwegian Business School of Economics. Prior to that, Sigmund earned a degree in Maritime Engineering at Bergen Maritime College. "Siggy" is a longtime champion of sustainable practices and of corporate social responsibility. He possesses a genuine enthusiasm for creating a paradigm shift on how we solve the present and future challenges related to water, and he is eager to share his knowledge with others!

Sigmund Larsen is also the creator of the EnviroNor Concept, and idea that forms the basis for his company and promotes the use of floating, offshore wastewater treatment and desalination solutions (as opposed to traditional, onshore facilities or plants).

The EnviroNor Concept includes four vessel/relief ship designs:

  1. The Reliever
  2. The Changemaker
  3. The Water Factory
  4. Desalination Vessel

Why a floating solution? Offshore benefits include: cost savings, low space constraints and accelerated mobility.

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EnviroNor AS
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