About EnviroNor

EnviroNor is a Norwegian company that was officially launched in 2011.

The main purpose of EnviroNor is to provide “Water On Demand” through seawater desalination, wastewater treatment, and water purification. For this application we repurpose vessels and adjust the vessel for the project (e.g. product tankers, barges, and platform supply vessels) 

The EnviroNor concept is designed to replace or supplement onshore infrastructure in coastal areas, serving both municipal and industrial needs. Our units can also be deployed to provide clean water in emergency and disaster situations.

EnviroNor’s aim is to provide coastal regions with clean water and protect the marine environment from urban pollution.

The concept draws on Norway’s extensive expertise in shipping and offshore/sub-sea technologies to deliver efficient water treatment solutions, at a lower cost than that of traditional, land-based plants. 

Floating installations are a proven and successful solution utilised in the energy and offshore oil and gas sector

Members of the Board:

  • Michael A. Larsen


  • Bjarte Fosse

    Board member

Advisory to the Board:

  • Ingar Skaug

    Former Chairman / Commercial Advisor

  • KJell Hilde

    Organizational Advisor

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Michael A. Larsen

Chairman of the Board

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