The Changemaker

Brings value back to society by turning wastewater into clean water through recycling.

The Changemaker treats wastewater from onshore facilities and delivers disinfected, clean water back to shore. It also produces fertilizer that can be used for agriculture.

The vessel features a primary and secondary treatment component producing water for irrigation and industrial uses, and not least a tertiary treatment facility producing drinking water.

  • Location

    Countries and areas with a demand for water reuse related to irrigation and/or industrial purposes. Normally these locations also have dry climates without rain for large parts of the year. They may also have limited facilities for wastewater treatment.

Suitable for:

  • an area in need of clean water for irrigation

  • an area in need of clean water for industry (e.g. cooling water for power plants)


  • It enables efficient utilization of an area’s available water resources by recycling
    wastewater into valuable, useable clean water.

  • It reduces the negative impact on the marine environment by preventing discharge of polluted wastewater.


  • a recognized need for onshore irrigation water and/or industrial water

  • limited or not available land area for construction of shore-based treatment plants

Key benefits

  • Permanent

  • Mobility

    The ship can operate independent of an onshore property cost and can be used as a supplemental facility where land space is limited or expensive.

  • Construction Flexibility

    A ship can be deployed and operable at a location on
    short notice.

  • Lower Cost

    A lower investment is required to mobilize a “floating” offshoreplant compared to an onshore plant. Again, the ship can be utilized for shorter or longer periods of time, with the benefits of cost savings and/or cost flexibility.

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