The Water Factory

Turns river water into clean drinking water.
The Water Factory can also be used in other bodies of water such as lakes and oceans. It is however not a reused vessel, but built from scratch. Contact us to find out which boption is right for your country/organization.
  • Suitable for

    Areas where clean drinking water is a scarce resource.
  • Value

    Helps local communities efficiently use existing water resources by recycling river (or other) water into clean drinking water, sustaining life and promoting health.
  • Location

    An area with nearby rivers or lakes.


  • an onshore area in need of clean drinking water
  • limited or not available land area or space for construction of shore-based water treatment plants

Key benefits

  • Mobility

    Can be used at a particular location for a limited period of time (for example during planning and construction of land-based water treatment plants). It can also serve multiple locations in a specific area.
  • Construction Flexibility

    Can provide quick access to clean drinking water without the costly, up-front investment of a land-based treatment plant. Land-based options usually require land reclamation and construction considerations.
  • Lower Cost

    Compared to an onshore plant, a lower investment is required to mobilize a “floating” offshore plant. Again, the ship can be utilized for shorter or longer periods of time, with the benefits of cost savings and/or cost flexibility.

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